About Marenga

A book is, above all, an experience. As we at Marenga Publishing examine the material we receive, providing our readers with a rich and varied experience is our first criterion in choosing what to publish.

A good book can bring you to faraway places, to journeys through strange landscapes, to meetings with people you might never encounter, and into adventures that would not happen in ordinary life — all without requiring you to budge from your familiar surroundings.

Almost every book from Marenga is a book of stories. Although short-story collections are not known as a financially profitable genre of literature, at Marenga we believe they are the genre most suited to the feverish pace at which we live today.

With a collection of stories at hand, you can always read one, let it sink in, and go on to another at the next convenient moment. For readers, a successful short-story collection can be an enriching and exciting experience, because a good short story is such a concentrated masterpiece.

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Besides its short-story collections, Marenga is also issuing a series of specialized, small and topical gift volumes — one for giving to an especially good friend, one for giving to someone newly divorced another for giving to someone who is just starting a new job. These are little special-purpose hardcover books in two languages; Hebrew and English.

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